Since the incorporation of AlMajal Alarabi Group Co. in 1991, we have grown to meet the various economic and developmental needs of Saudi Arabia’s market.

Our 12 companies that operate across different industries, provide expert hands-on services to our clients assisting them to run their businesses more smoothly. Moreover, we deliver solutions with unrivaled speed and accuracy enabling our clients to stay ahead in their markets.

Everything we do, and the way we do it, is driven by our core values: diligence, perceptiveness, collaboration, and confidence. These are the pillars that guide our companies; hence, contributing to the success of our clients in KSA & the Middle East.

Our companies entail 17,000 employees and workers, exceeding 60 clients from different countries and nationalities and over 2,250 vehicles ensuring time management, quality and excellence in execution.


We are committed to serving our clients with the best possible key solutions and services through optimizing the expertise and resources of our companies combined.



We aim to achieve customer recognition and stakeholder satisfaction across our companies.

We strive for the highest levels of performance as we lead by dedication, passion and creativity infused with integrity and timeliness. Having local and regional expertise, we deliver optimal end results matching the needs of our clients.


At AlMajal Alarabi Holding, our vision is to achieve absolute perfection throughout all of our projects with an unwavering adherence to excellence.

Through our implementation strategies along with a deep sense of commitment and integrity, we strive to maintain our position as a leading national and regional service provider.


The corporate vision of AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co., is one which operates as a holding company serving through its many subsidiaries. Its main objective is primarily to become an integral part of the societal, developmental, and economic growth of Saudi Arabia. AlMajal Alarabi Market Leadership is due to the following Values:

  • We aim to provide a proper working context to set off the human potential experience as creativity and excellence in execution. We work on providing our employees with equal opportunities and creative career competition as an integral part of the continuous development of our human resources.
  • Our clients’ interests are always at the core. Our experiences show that if we serve our clients well, our success will follow.
  • Our assets are our people, brand, and reputation keeping in mind that compromising these assets will terminally affect our reputation.
  • We fully comply with the laws, rules, and ethical principles that govern our organization. Our continued success depends on our rigid adherence to these principles. At AlMajal Alarabi Holding, we ensure that our people follow our internal Environment Health and Safety norms faithfully while delivering projects
  • We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and have an unyielding determination to achieve excellence in all of our activities.
  • The dedication of our people along with the intense effort they pour into their jobs is greater than those found at any other organization. We believe this to be critical to our success.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. This culture is imbued in our people and is part of our values.


Our professional ability to implement projects and provide services while deploying worldwide standards, have  acquired us a  leading position in various industries in the KSA marketplace, indicating a bright and prosperous future.

  • Total Solution Provider : We provide professional and individualized assessment to help clients through each step: Pre, Mid, & Post Project Completion
  • Quality : Every industry of professionals and operatives follows our structured systematic reviews to ensure high quality management.
  • Timely Completion : We strive for On – Time Completion of projects and services.
  • Risk Reduction : Communication management and  coordination are mandatory between all involved parties.
  • Cost Reduction : Is conducted through the establishment of cost management and review systems.



Honesty, and fairness, as well as upholding our promises, is at the heart of all our activities.


We believe people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds thrive our company.


We provide high value products and services that meets the expectations & satisfaction of our customers.


We foster a work environment where creative thinking is encouraged and rewarded. Moreover, we create opportunities for process improvement and cost-effective sustainable products & services. By doing so, we provide value to both our customers and our companies.


Working on similar goals whilst leveraging diverse talents, perspectives and resources is quite challenging but pushes us forward as we believe in the power of working together…


AlMajal Alarabi has held a prominent position because of its objectives and capabilities cultivated over the past 25 years. This position has been held by our innovative spirit and primary goal which is to surpass customer expectations using industry-leading technologies.


Operational challenges vary greatly from one organization to another. We offer different solutions to support our service operations in their journey to excellence. Moreover, our highly qualified and experienced team are able to deliver successful solutions that match each client’s specific requirements.
AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. also owns a fleet of vehicles for transportation and shipping both heavy and light machinery facilitating the successful completion of projects efficiently and punctually.


To ensure the expansion of disciplines while satisfactorily serving our clients, we continually work towards the development and cultivation of our human capabilities and expertise. We focus on the refinement of our competency in regards to technical abilities, while applying occupational safety standards and procedures.


Aiming always to inspire, challenge and overcome all obstacles, we have proudly proven to deliver projects that seem difficult and impossible to achieve.
We aim to seize every challenge as an opportunity to create a better tomorrow and a brighter future.



Whether you are looking for your first job or taking the next step in your career, we offer you many opportunities to realize your ambitions. Work with us and get the chance to enlarge your opportunities, make connections and help build the future of Saudi Arabia.


Our Clients

AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. delivers winning solutions for its clients by bridging expertise and a meaningful drive for collaboration and growth. Our team is empowered to deliver the best in class services to our clients.

We have served some of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies, and the following is a partial list of our partners whom we are honored to service.

What we Do

Serving across 10 industries, we are committed to the provision of the highest global standards of quality and services of products throughout all stages of any given project.