Mission And Vision

Committed to Integrity, Quality Products, and World-class Customer Service.

Pioneers of the future

With the rapidly changing social and commercial scene we thrive through our vision and constantly deliver solutions with un rivaled speed and accuracy.

And at MAG we unlock opportunities for upcoming generations keeping our client satisfaction at the core.

Sustainable World

At Al Majal Al Arabi we are keen to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to evolve into a better world.

We provide all the means for young and forward-looking people to inform themselves on issues relating to sustainability, to make their own choices, and to decide on the actions they wish to take for a sustainable future through our advisory board.

Latest Projects

Participating To The Sustainable Development Of Territories
Discover our major projects in various sectors, industries, and Client Types.
The projects are diversified to cover all developmental and major economic areas with significant investments and commitments.

Our Clients

AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. delivers winning solutions for its clients by bridging expertise and a meaningful drive for collaboration and growth. Our team is empowered to deliver the best in class services to our clients.

We have served some of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies, and the following is a partial list of our partners whom we are honored to service.

What we Do

Serving across 10 industries, we are committed to the provision of the highest global standards of quality and services of products throughout all stages of any given project.